Judging Process


After entry round is closed, applications go through two  rounds of evaluation. 

First round will be judged by a panel of experts, FinTech Australia Board members, CEO and Head of Partnerships.. The second round will be judged by another set of judges in the fintech field chosen across the industry for the expertise and knowledge.

A special thanks to our judges who will be reviewing the two rounds.

Process is as follows (First round):

  • Eight companies that score the highest will be shortlisted finalists amongst all applications
  • In case of a tie between companies during the first round, both will be qualified for the second round to become finalists.
  •  If there are 8 companies or less competing in a category, all applicants go straight to round two as finalists.

Process is as follows (Second round):

  •  New set of judges to review the finalists applications. The highest number of points acquired by a submission will determine the winner
  • If there is a tie between companies during the second (final) round both applications will be declared as winners 


Please Note: Judges are specifically asked to disclose if they have any affiliations with the category they are judging to avoid any biases in the selection process. Judges that have affiliations with the companies or categories will not be eligible for the position. The platform where the judging takes place offers  confidentiality terms that binds judges to the role. Judges are instructed to abstain from judging submission of companies or individuals that are in any way affiliated to them, personally or professionally.