Excellence in Support Services

(1 Award)

These awards are open to any Fintech Startup operating in Australia (i.e. they may have been founded inside or outside of Australia). FinTech Australia uses EY’s “C.L.A.S.S.I.C.” framework to define a Fintech Startup – for more information see the EY FinTech Australia Census.

1) Excellence in FinTech Support Services 

Description: This award recognises the support services that have provided the highest level of assistance to fintechs in their operation and growth or a business that helps drive the growth of the fintech community through physical infrastructure (space), connections and capital. 

This award is open to consulting firms, legal support, accounting, technology companies and incubators/hubs/co-working spaces, accelerators or investment firms that demonstrate how they have contributed to the success and growth of various individual fintech companies through the provision of exceptional business support services and connections.

Criteria: (Maximum 300 words per question) 

  1. Briefly describe your firm’s services, and its role and position in the fintech ecosystem.
  2. How does your service support fintech customers more effectively than other products and competitors? Why would a fintech choose you for support as opposed to others? Describe how your service differentiates you from your competitors.
  3. How do you engage with the broader startup community? How do you foster an inclusive startup ecosystem?
  4. Provide examples of the innovations or successes that you have helped your fintech clients/residents/members/portfolio companies to achieve. You must be able to clearly show how your business’s activities contributed significantly to the outcome.
  5. Please also provide between 1-3 examples of customer testimonials or other independently verified sources of information, which may also include relevant metrics from your fintech clients e.g. revenue, customers, churn, customer satisfaction etc that you have obtained permission from them to share as evidence to support your answers.

Please provide information in 1 collated PDF. (Max file size 10 MB)