Judging Criteria

The awards champion innovative approaches in Australian fintech, business excellence and collaboration, and / or the deployment of technologies and business models that allow users to access financial services and products in new ways. 

Your initiative could be a new approach or a deployment of technology that has not previously been considered. An innovation does not need to be a world-first, but a new approach either for your company and / or in your market, and you must demonstrate clearly that it has been successful with your intended customers. 

FinTech Australia has enlisted the help of a prestigious panel of judges representing a cross- section of experts from the private and public sector (such as support services, banking, venture capitalists, accelerators, consultancies, industry associations, and government). Judges are each assigned specific categories to judge, with at least 3 judges evaluating every category. The judges will assign point values based on the criteria. 

The judges will evaluate entries based on the following parameters (entrants do not need to address every parameter specifically in their application): 

  • Uniqueness within their category / overall 
  • How well does the company do what they say they do? 
  • Current Success / Potential Success 
  • Difficulty of the problem that is solved 
  • Impact: Considerations include productivity, profitability, user experience, risk management, knowledge-transfer, and applicability beyond the financial sector 
  • Practicality: Examples include ease of implementation, scalability, and cost-effectiveness 
  • Interoperability: Ability for the solution to interface with other systems 
  • Uniqueness & Creativity: Extent to which the solution differs from the status quo. 
  • Entries should clearly articulate the brand values and strategies of the organisation. 
  • Ethics and Social Responsibility: Extent to which the company exhibits integrity in its operations, whether toward its customers, employees or the industry as a whole. 

Special categories will be evaluated by specific criteria, such as Emerging FinTech Leader of the Year, Outstanding FinTech Leader of the Year and FinTech Organisation of the Year.

Short-list of Finalists: The FinTech Australia Board and team will use the evaluation and criteria guidelines specified in this document to shortlist all the entries of each category up 10 finalists. The selected judges will use the same evaluation and criteria guidelines to select the winner of each category. 

N.B: All financial metrics should be from 30 March 2021 to 30 March 2022.

When submitting your entry please provide guest access to your platform, where possible, for each judge so they can further explore your platform to inform their scores.

N.B: Please do not attempt to contact the judges directly regarding your Finnie Awards submission. FinTech Australia reserves the right to disqualify competing companies for any reason, including attempting to affect or influence the judging process in a manner that was not intended by the event organisers. 

Detailed description and criteria 

These awards are open to any Fintech Startup, Hub, Incubator/Accelerator or Venture Capital firm operating in Australia. FinTech Australia uses EY’s definition of a Fintech Startup (EY & Fintech Australia Census 2020) – Organisations combining innovative business models and technology to enable, enhance and disrupt financial services.